The system admin module fiasco

I’m running freepbx 12 on centos 6.6 and I wanted to change freepbx’s network settings. After trawling around on google and this forum I see the network settings are in the system admin module and it’s commercial only, I have to pay for it (grrrrr). And yet on the asterisknow iso it’s there for free. Why is that?
And for a manual install of freepbx on centos 6 is there a previous version that has the sysadmin module bundled in free?

You can go to module admin and download the system admin module… To make it work, you’ll need the Sysadmin RPM and incron, too.

However, if you’re using a hand-built system, it’s probably better for you to just change the settings manually. We try to isolate everything so that if you’re using a hand-built system, the commercial stuff doesn’t get in your way.

ok thanks for that. When you say ‘change the settings manually’ do you mean editing the ifcfg-ethx file of the machine? or is there a separate setting in a freepbx file for this?

Yes. If that’s what you’re trying to do?

no I was hoping to be get freepbx to use a different gateway ip from the default one in ifcfg-eth0. Is that possible? or is it that editing the network settings in freepbx just alters the ifcfg file anyway?

That sort of doesn’t make sense. Sorry. I think you’ll need to speak to someone who understands networking to figure out what you want to really achieve.

It would make sense if you have multiple gateways on your LAN i.e. backup, different ISP, etc. It can be done. If you want to change your default gateway, there are two places you should add this new default gateway (route).

and add your default gateway there, and then edit your
/etc/sysconfig/network/ifcfg-eth0 whatever you want your default gateway to be. The basic free sysadmin module also allows this, to set your default gateway.

Now if you have multiple gateways and you can route certain ip ranges out this other gateway.

To test us the route, or ‘ip route add’ command as these are just temporary. To make permanent edit or add,


and add your route out to the secondary gateway, i.e.; (assuming your gateways are at 2.254 and 2.253).

default dev eth1 via dev eth1

Hope this helps.


thanks I already know how to configure the ip settings on a centos machine, I was just wondering if it was possible for freepbx to use a different gateway independent of what was already in the ifcfg-ethx files. I’ve since discovered it can’t and that altering the network settings in sysadmin just edits the ifcfg files anyway.

Gotcha! Couldn’t quite figure out exactly what you were desiring.