The Number you have Dialed is not in service

Inbound & outbound calls are just saying Number you have Dialed is not in service… Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

I have a Grandstream GXW-4108 FXO Gateway with 8 pstn lines coming in. I ran the Grandstream Line Analysis and it looks like all of them are getting a decent signal.

I followed the instructions on this guide:
All of my settings match up.

Any ideas what could be causing this? I’m pretty sure it’s a setting in the PBX Since the signal is getting to the gateway alright, and the gateway SIP is registering correctly

Trunk Settings:

Trunk Name: 7344254403
Outbound CallerID: 7344254403
CID Options: Allow Any
Maximum Channels: 8

Outgoing Settings:
Trunk Name: 6000

Inbound Route:

DID Number: 7344254403

rest is default

Outbound Route:

Route Name: Out
Route CID: 7344254403
Route Password: blank

Local 7/10 Dial Plan

Trunk Sequence
0: 7344254403

How is host=dynamic going to work?

What should it be set to? The IP of the phone to ring?

Have you spent some time on the wiki yet? It’as all explained in there.