The number you have dialed is not in service freepbx inbound (Trunk)

Hi All,

Just wanted a bit of help, I have been using FreePBX for about 8 months now and it is amazing, honestly Sangoma is so good for developing and providing this FreePBX to the community.

I have a silly question,
So I have all my inbound and out bound calls working based on the SYSadmin add on and all working fine.

However if I disable the trunk it mentions the number you are dialing is not in service is there an option so that if the Trunk is not woking. instead of continuing onto my PBX to go back to the Register and not continue and then that way the register (Telco) Provider and route the call to the back up contact number on the account.

For example a Mobile.
I have created fail over on the telco provider side so that if my FreePBX crashes or turns off for what ever given reason it should go directly to my mobile number how ever I just cant get it working.

Not being registered, not responding to an incoming INVITE and giving an error response to INVITE are different things; possibly your provider will only fail over for the first.

Also, it’s possible that FreePBX is failing to unregister when you disable the trunk, so you have to wait for the registration to expire before failover would work.

Run sngrep, disable the trunk, Apply Config. Do you see the PBX send a REGISTER with Expires: 0 ?
Then, make a test call in and see whether the provider sends an INVITE and if so, what response the PBX gives.

If the PBX properly unregisters and the provider sends nothing, but still plays the ‘not in service’ announcement, that is a provider problem and you need to take it up with them.

If the PBX properly unregisters but the provider sends you calls anyway, that is also a provider problem but if they fail over after the old registration would have expired, that’s better than nothing.

If you have more than one trunk on your system, please provide details.

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