The MySQL "cdr" table - update fequency

The “cdr” table has information in it that I am after.

Is there a way to increase the frequency that is it populated? What is the default?

At the end of each ‘leg’ , the cel table is finer grained.

CDR = Call Data Record
CEL = Call Event Log

I am not sure what your end goal is but there is a good chance you are doing it wrong. CDR/CEL are typically used for post call reporting. If you are doing reports on calls you would typically not need any data prior to the calls end. For more “realtime” data you will likely want to use AMI and events.

I’m looking for a way to get a simple call summary onto a web page; who called who, when, and for how long.

That sounds like “post call reporting” to me. It’s fine if it is not “realtime” but the data is often a day behind.

You will have to explain what data is ‘a day behind’

Keep in mind all data is stored as UTC and needs to be adjusted to the viewers timezone

Right now I’m getting relatively up todate data.

A couple of hours ago the results that were coming back were from yesterday afternoon.

I doubt it, The latest table data is up-to and including the date returned by

date -d @$(mysql asteriskcdrdb -Ns -e "SELECT uniqueid FROM cdr ORDER BY calldate desc LIMIT 1")

Records are never written or updated out of real-time as the odbc connection is synchronous between mysql and asterisk, and neither buffers this data

The integral part of uniqueid is the linux epoch-seconds (the fractional part, the number of calls since asterisk was started, but it always amounts to less than one second) If it is not the same as calldate then as @jfinstrom said.

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