The German Durchwahl DID

In Germany, every phone has its DID. Do I have to enter the whole DID number for every extension? In “Gemeinschaft 3”, there was just one route for all DID -> extensions necessary. Is there a plugin or asterisk config to achieve this? I’m newbie and don’t know asterisk. There is a similar topic and ticket.

How many DIDs do you have? How many extensions does your installation have?
If you indeed have one DID from your provider for each extension in your PBX, you can create as many inbound routes as needed or if you know how to code for asterisk, you could create a custom context to extract the corresponding digits from the DID and then send the call to the corresponding extension. Even though you can make it work for any digit combination, the custom context would be easier to code if your DID numbering is consecutive.

If the DIDs come in exactly matching your ext numbers, you can use the context from-did-direct

; from-did-direct:
; forces ext-findmefollow to take precedence over ext-local. Also exposed to
; the public side to allow an extension number to be used as an external DID
; without requiring inbound routes to be created, common in many PRI installations
; where the last 4 digits are used as the extnension and DIDs are delivered in
; 4 digit formats.
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