The first 0 don't display on the telephone

Hello Community,

In my company, i had install Freepbx14.

Calls work but i have a problem when i receive an incoming call :

The first 0 (for French country) don’t display.

For example : i call with my selfphone with this number : 06 34 21 11 58
The screen display : 6 34 21 11 58

So i can’t call back this number if I want and it’s a real problem for me.

How can I do this ?
I saw on other Forum that i can play with CALLERID viriable but no results…

I have a T0 for incoming calls and transformed by a Mediatrix.

Thank you for your help


FreePBX is showing the number exactly as the Mediatrix is presenting it. If the Mediatrix is managed by your provider and not you, you could use a specific context to modify the CallerID that you are getting from the Mediatrix in order to add the missing 0, but it could get tricky if some numbers should have it but some others shouldn’t.

I’m managed the Mediatrix. So what can i have to modify on the Mediatrix to resolve the problem ?

Thank you for your answer arielgrin

I’m not sure exactly which model you have, but I bet the documentation for it will explain how to do that.
Then again, are all numbers supposed to have a 0 at the begining?

The model is 4404 Mediatrix. The main part of our number begining by 0.

But what numbers should have the 0 added? All of them or only some of them?

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