The /etc/asterisk/extensions_override_freepbx.conf file is as if it were not working [SOLVED]

Eco what I put in the file

exten => 10.1, Answer
exten => 10, n, Set (result = $ {CURL (http: //localhost/ergotel/invemail.php? num = $ {CALLERID (number)})})
exten => 10, n, Playback (custom / thanksgiving-on-call)
exten => 10, n, Hangup

nothing simpler yet it is as if it were not taken into consideration in the log you can not see anything …
Even the log does not report anything as if I had not written these lines
Is it perhaps disabling?

Asterisk Version: 13.23.0

Are you trying to break the default IVR announcement playing? Because that is what this will do.

If you just want to add something custom, put it in context [play-system-recording-custom] in extensions_custom.conf

On to what you did, are you sure that the context is even being picked up by asterisk?
You entered [Play-system-recording] above. That would be different than [play-system-recording]

You can check what is loaded like this:
asterisk -x "dialplan show play-system-recording"
asterisk -x "dialplan show Play-system-recording"

I have already used this system other times to intervene with an event while playing a file in system recording

I find your place very interesting anyway, I’ll do the checks
and I’ll thank you thank you

I verified
unfortunately I did not find anything strange
I picked up correctly
[play-system-recording] from /etc/asterisk/extensions_additional.conf
include => play-system-recording-custom
exten => 2, 1, Answer
exten => 2, n, Playback (custom / Esmpio_msg__ferie)
exten => 2, n, Hangup

exten => 3, 1, Answer
exten => 3, n, Playback (custom / Benveuto_01)
exten => 3, n, Hangup

exten => 5, 1, Answer
exten => 5, n, Playback (custom / Benveuto_00-01)
exten => 5, n, Hangup

exten => 1, 1, Answer
exten => 1, n, Playback (custom / closing_page)
exten => 1, n, Hangup

exten => 4, 1, Answer
exten => 4, n, Playback (custom / Thanks)
exten => 4, n, Hangup

; - == end of [play-system-recording] == -;

and entered the custom scope in /etc/asterisk/extensions_override_freepbx.conf

exten => 4, 1, Answer
exten => 4, n, Set (result = $ {CURL ($ {CALLERID (number)})})
exten => 4, n, Playback (custom / Thanks)
exten => 4, n, Hangup

and reboot everything with rasterisk -x “core reload”

Yet it does not perform the CURL …
But where the hell is wrong ??

Did you mean
exten => 4,1, Answer

yes in the files on the server is 4,1,

Well then add some NoOp commands, set verbosity high, make a test call, look at the log.

asterisk -x “dialplan show play-system-recording”
[ Context ‘play-system-recording’ created by ‘pbx_config’ ]
‘1’ => 1. Answer() [pbx_config]
2. Playback(custom/Messagggio_di_chiusura) [pbx_config]
3. Hangup() [pbx_config]
‘2’ => 1. Answer() [pbx_config]
2. Playback(custom/Esmpio_msg__ferie) [pbx_config]
3. Hangup() [pbx_config]
‘3’ => 1. Answer() [pbx_config]
2. Playback(custom/Benveuto_01) [pbx_config]
3. Hangup() [pbx_config]
‘4’ => 1. Answer() [pbx_config]
2. Set(result=${CURL(${CALLERID(number)})}) [pbx_config]
3. Playback(custom/Grazie) [pbx_config]
4. Hangup() [pbx_config]
‘5’ => 1. Answer() [pbx_config]
2. Playback(custom/Benveuto_00-01) [pbx_config]
3. Hangup() [pbx_config]
Include => ‘play-system-recording-custom’ [pbx_config]

-= 5 extensions (16 priorities) in 1 context. =-

More and more strange
I did the checks as you suggested and this came out …
So the CURL call should do it
But I can not see it in the log and if I call the string by hand it works anyway …

I usually look at the log using the freepbx GUI on the page “Asterisk Log Files” you can suggest me a lower and better way to see in real time if possible …
thank you

Gentlemen everything was ok, the customer was putting my warnings in spam !!!

So what I have learned from this story:

  1. That customers are … better not to say

  2. that I could give less chasing ghosts

  3. that for those who did not know you can send alerts via email or other … to each asterisk event

  4. that it is possible to monitor the dialplan with:
    asterisk -x “dialplan show play-system-recording”

Thank you all and have a fool

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