The 2007 Year In Review - Trainings - Beta Programs

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Happy New Years to Everyone!

The year of 2007 was a great year for this wonderful project and we want to start the New Year by reflecting back on the super progress we achieved. We love this user community and hope you will take a few moments to look back with us!

FreePBX Offers their first Open Telephony Training Seminar
Last week we announced our first Open Telephony Training Seminar focused 100% on the FreePBX/Asterisk market. After much demand from many users including past FtOCC attendees (from the trixbox community) we are offering this class. We have designed it to both complement and supplement the training opportunities you can receive from other programs but aimed at those focused 100% on Asterisk/FreePBX based solutions and looking for the additional depth that the Development Team and Successful Volume Resellers can offer. As an added bonus, *the* one and only Ward Mundy from Nerd Vittles will be there to host it with us!

We encourage you to take a look and for a LIMITED NUMBER OF SEATS we are offering an early-bird discount so act quick to get the discounted seats that are available before the prices go up:


Open Telephony Training Seminar


FreePBX Beta Programs
Our most recent beta program for FreePBX 2.4 was officially launched just a couple of weeks ago and so far the feedback is proving to keep up with our tradition of improved features and stability with each new release. There are lots of great enhancements that you can read about in our post.

This new release follows the highly successful FreePBX version 2.3 release that we launched last summer where we introduced many new features and capabilities in addition to the first support for Asterisk 1.4.

These releases continue our philosophy to offer about 2 main releases per year, to focus on improved stability and many bug fixes with each new release while continuing to work through the countless feature and enhancement requests that continually poor in from our loyal installed base, many of whom are you trixbox CE users who we love!

FreePBX New Web Site
In addition to the efforts spent launching FreePBX 2.3.0 we simultaneously launched this new website which integrated the many parts that previously made up our website into a cohesive Content Management System. The effort tied together our Forums, News bulletins, Development Trac site and the FreePBX Application itself into a cohesive, single-sign-on environment to further serve your needs. (If you never tried it, click on the Help tab in FreePBX on version 2.3.0 or later and you will be presented with context sensitive help information on our main site).

New Stewardship
Many of you may have known Rob Thomas as the previous Steward for the FreePBX project. As Rob's demands on his time became taxed with other obligations we chose to pass the baton and have Philippe (me) take over the project to make sure it continued to receive the attention it deserved. It was a great honor and has been a tremendous amount of work to bring us along from where we were to where we have come. We hope that we are meeting and exceeding your expectations!

In an effort to justify the thousands of hours of donated time that it takes to run this project, we are establishing means help fund it. There are always donations that are welcome and appreciated but the generosity of the user base is not enough to sustain the level of professional development and project management that we hope you have benefited from with FreePBX. None the less, we welcome those donations and while you are in the New Years Spirit, why not show your support now:


Since we don't have the venture capital funds as some other organizations have to pay salaries and we receive no financial support from major companies who base their business on our project, we hope you will take advantage of the services we offer. We provide Support Options that can not only help with common FreePBX/Asterisk/Linux support issues but can go into the depth of professional services, bug fixes, project management and more that you can expect to receive from the talent that brings you and develops FreePBX. And for the New Years, we have discounted the 5 and 10 hour support blocks so take advantage of our bulk pricing. We also offer the Open Telephony Training Seminar as an opportunity for those of you who want to enhance your skills, get the inside track and better learn how to benefit and profit from this great product!

We want to re-emphasize how honored we are that there are so many users and businesses who have come to depend on our product as the basis of their businesses whether to run their telephone systems or provide telephone service to others. And for all of you hobbyist and home users who just like to complicate your lives while having too much fun doing it (and probably creating a bit of stress for your significant other) we love you too! We made a toast to our installed base this past New Years Eve and hope you were thinking of us as well!

Happy Holidays and have a Great New Years!

Philippe - on behalf of the FreePBX Team

Over the course of past year I have become a “VOIP in training System Administrator.” During this time I have successfully migrated 13 PBXtra systems to fully deployed systems with Centos, Freepbx and Asterisk. I must say without Freepbx, this would have never happened. Also, during this time frame this project has taken new leadership, Kudos to Rob and all his efforts including countless hours banging away on the keyboard and my hat off to Philippel and the refreshed DEV team for keeping the project fresh moving forward. Taking in to consideration all the improvements in 2007, I can’t wait to see what 2008 will hold for us. As I look back on my deployments during the past year the only thing that I would have done different is to click the Donate button more often, as I know hundreds of not thousands of man hours goes into this project to keep it on the bleeding edge of Asterisk Management.

Philippel, I look forward in seeing you at the upcoming training seminar!

Again, great job to you and all the dev’s and contributors to this project!

Roger Workman