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Thank You All!

(Tony Lewis) #22


I am happy to have been able to help you in the past and thank you for the kind words and being a FreePBX community member.

(Jerry Warner) #23

I join the others here as being both happy for you, and scared for the rest of us.

I’ve been running my current company for 27 years and I’m ready for something new too so I totally know how you feel. I wish I had an opportunity I could move on but alas I haven’t found my next challenge yet.

I’ve always appreciated your direct no-nonsense responses, especially since they were nearly always spot-on. You’ve done a fantastic job here. I know you’ll do well at your next venture too.

(Tony Lewis) #24


I have never been accused of beating around the bush. I am pretty straight forward person and to the point. Glad I was able to asssit you in the past.


Tony, though you and I have had some ups and downs over the years, and I’ve always respected your passion for FreePBX. The product has, since we first started learning it 6-8 years ago, matured and stabilized in a way that is truly remarkable. To grow a company into something salable is a remarkable achievement and I wish you the very best of fortunes in your future endeavors. Congratulations and bon chance!


(Tony Lewis) #27


Thank you for the kind words. I know at times we clashed but that is the beauty of this project we can disagree on things but in the end we all have the common goal of making FreePBX awesome.

(Avayax) #29

I wish you all the best in your future endeavors!
You provided high quality support to us, it’s unique that executives of a company will help out users in a forum on a regular basis!
Thanks and good luck!

(Tony Lewis) #30

It was my pleasure. It has been a fun ride.

(Tony Lewis) #31

I just want to say thank you one last and final time on my last and final day to everyone. I will miss this community more then anything else. Take care and good luck to everyone.