Hi can someone please help me, im am new to Asteriksnow. I have installed Centos 6 with asteriks now. I have setup everything and can access the Asterix interface over my network. I have about 20 cisco 7942 phones that i need to upgrade to SIP. I can easyly do this with just windows and a tftp clint but I need the asterix PBX. I want to use The asteriks server for my PBX and tftp. There is various setup guides that sohws me what to do and all the steps to setup the firmware and configuration files.

But for the life of me I do not know how to get the configuration/firmware files on the tftp server. I need to know how do i transfer these files from my windows 7 based PC into the TFTP directory on the Asteriks Server.

Please assit


As above. Copy the files into the /tftpboot directory.

By the way, it’s Asterisk, not Asteriks or Asterix.

Or Filezilla or FireFTP. All support SFTP. WinSCP is my favorite.

Mustard, it’s impossible, we agree on something.

i can not access /etc/xinetd.d/tftp. It says permission denied
Tried a bunch off things.

Run the following and post the output.

ls -la /etc/xinetd.d/tftp

yum install tftp-server

if already installed then
chown root. /etc/xinetd.d/tftp
chmod 644 /etc/xinetd.d/tftp

When I run this command the output is as follows
rw-r–r--. 1 root root 518 Sep 23 2011 /etc/xinetd.d/tftp

How can i transfer files between asterisk and tftp windows-based server using command line ?
I appreciate fast reply
Thank you

Need help

I already have tftpd but can not know how to upload files from my pc to asterisk

I would like to configure cisco cp 7791 with asteisk. I had installed freepbx distro. Regardong the conf files how can i upload them from my pc using tftpd and put them in asterisk /tftpboot folder.
And also need the required configuration

Use a TFTP client.

You did not mention witch way you wanted to do the reansfer.

Asterisk is a program it doesn’t have any files and runs on many OS’s

If you slowed down and explained what you wanted to do perhaps we could help you with a better process.

Please state What OS, If a distribution which one, FreePBX version and Asterisk version.

tftp is anchored to one directory and not the correct way to do this.

Also don’t ask for quick reply then a minute later ask for help again. Most people would delay answering this.

I also removed your multiple posts. Please one post per question.

Lastly, I answered your question long ago at the beginning of this thread.


IF you don’t want to use the endpoint manager why can’t you just open a terminal session and paste the config into your favorite editor (vi,nano etc.)?

From a PC the file format is not going to be right for one thing unless you are using a programmers editor.

To answer your question to transfer files between hosts use scp (secure copy).

WinSCP is a very popular and free Windows SCP client.