TFTP server?


I’m sorry, I know this is going to be a very basic question but I want to get some “current” information on this question.

It appears that a clean installation of FreePBX doesn’t include TFTP, is that correct? And that doesn’t change when installing the Commercial Endpoint Manager, correct?

I have most everything up and running correctly and I’m trying to work on autoprovisioning Yealink T22P (and T46G) phones. I figure I could just setup the TFTP server on the FreePBX box itself. I’m not sure if there is anything specific I have to do related to FreePBX or if I can set it up like any CentOS box would be.

This is what my info is in System Admin panel;
PBX Firmware: 5.211.65-5
PBX Service Pack:

Also, my phones are on a different subnet( from my PBX. I have Cisco switches doing inter-vlan routing. Not sure if this is an issue for tftp. It appears to have been an issue using the Endpoint Manager “scan network” feature as that didn’t work for me…


Ok, so I figured it out. TFTP was actually installed and already on. I was able to provision a phone using it.

However, I’ve ran into an issue. I selected a firmware using the firmware management section of the EPM. It installed a different firmware then what I was expecting on my T22P. I put 1.05 in firmware slot 1. It looks like it says it would install on a T22P. It instead installed which doesn’t seem to be specific to the T22P. The screen was all dim and web GUI looked way different.

So I figure I’ll remove the firmware from slot 1. However, when I save it doesn’t remove itself. It just shows back up in slot 1.

How do I remove the firmware?