Tftp server not working

or the past month or so I’ve been working on our PBX. It started off as an upgrade until I noticed our existing FreePBX is still on 1.817.210.58-1. So I have a new server (vm) and it’s running 5.211.65-15. I’m trying to configure the new one off of old notes and a stare and compare from the old PBX. As you can imagine, it’s not working out as hope.

I tried to configure the tftp server but the phone never communicates with it. Admittely I configured everything the same as we did on our current PBX. If I need to do something different; I can’t figure out what. The phone gets an IP from AD, but we never see any TFTP coming over the tcpdump. I checked IP tables I believe they are good, but I’m too new at this to not double check anything you suggest.

Did you program the phone to look for configuration files from the new server using its new IP address?

Does the phone obtain the TFTP server information using DHCP?