TFTP server help

Can I have some assisstance starting the TFTP service on FreePBX
from what I have seen, this service is running out of box. My phones can’t seem to access anything from it. What commands need to be issued for the service to start on the servers bootup? Or just to start the service in general. Also when I gto /etc/xinetd.d then try to see the logs, it tells me access is denied.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Why not use http provisioning?

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The default logging location for tftpd is /var/log/messages . What, if anything, appears there when the phone attempts to provision? If nothing, does tcpdump show any packets into UDP port 69?

What happens when you try to fetch a file with the tftp command from a command prompt on the PBX? From a command prompt on your PC?

tftpd runs on port 69 so lsof -i:69 would show it running or not.

Check that you have --verbose in your tftpd xinetd.d file

Best not to use tftpd as the t in tftpd stands for ‘trivial’ i.e. it is VERY INSECURE and can easily expose you to financial loss.

I ran the restart command that Stew showed me and now it is working. Thanks for the caution, but this is on a closed off local network so it’s not sending anything out to the WAN. This one is also a testing PBX so nothing mission critical here. Thanks again both of you for your help.

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