Tftboot Firmware Question

I tried to find info that I could on this and maybe it’s one of those where I am just not sure how to word it. My basic question is do I only need the firmware for the model phones we are using to be in tftpboot? In our grandstream folder we’ve got every firmware and .bin file under the sun it seems. Will it have a negative effect on things if I ditch what we don’t even have on site? Will they repopulate if I do?


Unless you’re running out of disk space, what’s the benefit to deleting items?

To keep used disk space minimal. Our Slot 1 folder has about 5 gigs worth of files in there and only a handful pertain to our deployed phones. Just figured, if we’re not using it…delete it.

I understand the desire, but disk space is cheap, and if you aren’t confident about which files you need and which ones you don’t, you might be best to just leave them, as the potential downsides outweigh the potential upsides.

We use Cisco phones here, so I can’t provide any help as to what is needed and what is not.


An argument to support your position is that searching through a directory full of files does take a measurable amount of time. Whether it’s a significant amount of time or not is a matter better left to people with really fast thumbs and stopwatches. The fewer files in the directory, the less time it takes to find and open a file.

Except for that, I can’t think of a good reason to get rid of any of it. It’s on the root partition, which shouldn’t be growing anymore. It should be pretty much as big as it’s ever going to get.

But to answer your question … I’m guess the specic folder you are referring to is the custom firmware folder for Grandstream Slot1 that the commercial epm would have created.

Yes the only files required in that specic folder are the firmware that you want your phones to be able to find.

It’s not the custom folder…which is usually referred to as Slot 0…right? Just so w’ere on the same page. Speaking from the GUI side…in EPM it’s got firmware slot 1 and 2. So then there’s folder 1 and 2.

I suppose we are also trying to determine how all these files got there in the first place, esp considering our folder 2 only has 2 firmware files. If I delete these files, will they come back? It’s been a while since we stood up this puppy so I can’t remember if we (somehow) told FPBX to pull in all possible files for all models?? Or if it comes that way??

EPM downloads complete firmware ‘packages’ by manufacturer not by model. This is not an issue for most manufacturers since firmware files tend to be fairly small. Grandstream is an exception, because their Android devices have firmware file sizes in the multiple gigabyte range.

That is the why. If you feel you must, you can delete unused firmware files, they may come back in the future.