Text Color for Parking Notifications

I guess this would be more of a feature request but it would be nice to be able to change the color of the text for parked call notifications. It’s currently white on the Yealink T46G.

The API does not indicate weather this is generally possible so it would have to be investigated. Can you explain out the need for this. Is there a broad reasoning that would benefit the larger user base. You can open a feature request at http://issues.freepbx.org. Please include screenshots and any information as to how this would benefit users in general. Again I poled the developer and this may not even be possible but he would have to do most of the work just to find out. That said the devs work off of tickets so this would have to be triaged in through the issue tracker.

Thanks for the quick reply!! I’m not sure this even warrants a ticket. This would be for aesthetic purposes only. Obviously with the white text it limits you to dark colored backgrounds/wallpapers. That is really the only reason for the request. I guess this would be considered the idle screen display in the Rest Apps module so it would apply to all rest apps notifications. I’ll wait and see if this get’s any attention from the community before I submit a ticket.