Testing a backup - and it's failing

I’m trying to test a backup of my settings. I’ve made a backup of just my settings to a tar file using the backup/restore module

I’ve then loaded the file into the web restore GUI

I then get:

tar (child): /var/spool/asterisk/tmp/backuptmp-suser-1563466210-raspbx: Cannot open: No such file or directory

however when I look in the directory, the file looks like this:

backuptmp-suser-1563466210-raspbx home backup .tgz

note the addition of the words " home backup .tgz"

Any way I can get the backup to work?

Or am I misunderstanding?



You can rename the file to take out the ’ home backup ’ part of the filename (don’t forget the spaces!). That should fix you up.

Thanks Steve - I considered trying that - but everytime you upload the file, the
backuptmp-suser-NUMBER has a different number??

Got it working!! Found this post!

Another error(?) I’ve found with the backup is it didn’t save my voicemail settings for extensions. I am presuming this is a bug because all the other settings are there, just not the enabled/disabled setting for voicemail and what address to send voicemails to etc.

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