Testing 2.4 beta, CID Issue(Not a Problem)

Hi just started testing the new 2.4 beta this morning. I included my regular sip.conf “general section” in sip_general_custom.conf. I’m having a problem passing the CID to the caller, it’s going out as either a complete different number or blocked CID. This is happening with two different providers and I have my caller ID information in extensions section Outbound CID and the normal format “caller name” <#######>.

Don’t know whether this is a bug, this morning it was working fine, even thought I noticed when dialing my cell number a call will ring the cell very briefly, then the regular number will ring and show CID. Since then no changes have been made and the CID shows as restricted or blocked. Thought I would share this to see if anyone has experienced something similar or should it be reported as a bug.

Thank you.

One of the providers stop sending CID to keep prices low. When we tested with the 2nd. provider we found no problems with the caller ID. We are testing this beta with a 64 bit CentOS 5 distro and asterisk 1.4.14. So far so good. Thank you.