Test method of i18n translationed message

To whom it may concern,

I would like to know the test method of i18n translated message(in Japanese).
I’ve done translation of message from English to Japanese by using Poedit(convert .po to .mo), and installed the files in lang_code(ja_JP)/LC_MESSAGES/.po & .mo and appended language entry in /var/www/html/admin/views/freepbx_admin.php file as instructed in wiki/I18n of this Web site.

I’m just considering that it might be possible to use Eclipse(IDE) with PHP/C plug-in as a test tool just to examine correctness of display of the translated messages.
However if I can find more effective test method, I would like to use it for time saving.

If anyone knows or has ever used effective test method for message validation before, please let me know even if it is absolutely common sense among people in the community because I’m a novice in PBX !(I know very well in UNIX/C/Scripting/JAVA.)

My environment of freePBX is as follows.

Elastix: Ver. 2.2.0
freePBX: vER. 2.8.1 R 10
platform: linux-X86_64(Server), Windows(Client)

We are all very grateful for the helps from all over the world regarding
the disaster in Great East Japan Earthquake last March.
Let me take this occasion to express our heartful gratitude to the people who helped us.

Well now cherryblossom around Tokyo starts to bloom as if it would comfort us.
Thank you in advance for your help with this request.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards

2.8 is not the current version of FreePBX. You should direct your efforts to 2.10


Thank you for your pointing out the version issue.

I will install latest version though I put my priority in search of the test method.