Tens of extension

I have to prepare just in sti days a switchboard with about 90 internal
Is there a way to create them quickly and not one by one?

Depending on FreePBX version, either Bulk Handler (13) or Bulk Extensions (12)

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I was just about to suggest that. If you’re running FreePBX 13, Bulk Handler is pretty simple to use. You can create a single extension to act as a template and export it to .csv via Bulk Handler, then re-import it when you’re done.

Bulk Handler looks it should work unless you are doing something strange like (for example) install SCCP phones using SCCP-Chan-B or DAHDI. If you just installing SIP Phones, it seems to work very well. I tried to install a bunch (like 50) DAHDI phones with Bulk Handler and ended up going back to Bulk Extensions, and even then I had to make a couple of changes (a couple routines where the list of arguments had changed).

That is simply because Bulk Handler is hookable. You could hook SCCP into it or DAHDI into it.

Thanks I’ll try to work on it