Tenor AF Losing Registration

Hello all,

We have recently upgraded from trixbox to FreePBX.

I have a few Tenor AF devices running fax machines. 2 of them are 4 port FXs and one 8 port FXs.

The 2 4 port worked perfectly fine after the migration, the 8 port is behaving oddly. From time to time it seems to lose registration for no reason. After an amount of time the extensions will come back online and work for a while till the cycle repeats.

I’ve looked through the logs but nothing is jumping out as registration issues in FreePBX.

SIP Proxy/Registrar Lost is what the tenor is saying in it’s alarm log.

Thanks for any leads


Check SIP Qualify settings in the FreePBX. There is one in the “Extensions” under the specific extension. But I think it is overwritten by “Settings” -> “Advance Settings” “SIP and IAX Qualify”… If that setting set to yes, some devices will loose registration if they do not support this. I had this problem with Grandstream products.

Thanks for the reply,
I’m thinking the fail2ban is actually causing my issues. I just ran iptables -L -n and it gave the device in the Chain fail2ban-sip drop list.

now how to get fail2ban to stop dropping that device.