Temporary Time Condition?

I have a client for which I have time group setup for normal business closures (Holidays, After 5pm until 8am, and weekends, then a time group which if it matches it goes to IVR if no match it rings to a ring group. This works perfectly, however now the client wants to be able to have a temporary office closure greeting they can set as needed (if they leave the office early etc.) The current closed IVR and associated announcement will not work as it states they are closed whereas the daytime closure greeting states they have stepped out of the office and will be back shortly etc…

I am not sure the best way to approach this, I thought about having a nested time condition for which the first layer could be if match play daytime temporary closed, if non match go to the current open/close time condition. But in reading the forums I saw something eluding to a feature code to set a temporary announcement, not sure if that would work for this scenario or not.

Any and all help as always is greatly appreciated, I am sure I am over thinking this.

Take a look at Call Flow Control, you can have the time condition point to CFC, and set day to whatever it’s currently set, and night to an announcement that plays your temp closed message.
All they need to do is override the CFC when they leave the office, and set to normal when they return.

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Thank you…that was a real DUH moment. I knew I was over thinking it…need more coffee this am.

Thanks PitzKey!

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