Temporary Greeting then hangup with no vm. Possible?

I am trying to make it possible for end users to configure their voicemail to play their temporary greeting then hang up without letting the caller leave a voicemail. The users do not want to come back from vacation to a full mailbox. I already set a maxmsgs limit and the temporary greeting part is working just fine. Does anyone know a way to accomplish this? I am running FreePBX on AsteriskNow 1.7.1-x64.

That is one step closer to how I need it to work. It won’t scale though. I would have to manually go in and change it for each user every time they call in sick or go on vacation. I might end up using your idea by setting up an extension that they can forward theirs to that just plays a generic vacation message then hangs up.

the issue is this is an Asterisk Voicemail Application feature, so unless there is a setting in voicemail that can do this, it’s not really something that FreePBX can directly affect. (Though forwarding to a generic message is an option that would work if nothing else).

Send the call to an announcement and terminate the call.