Temporary DND

I was wondering if this functionality possible in FreePBX.

The story is:
I need to put my extension on “temporary” DND.

The means:
I send DND command to FreePBX, it puts my extension on DND
After certain period of time passes, it automatically swhitches off back to normal.

Thanks for any ideas you may have on this subject.


What you’re basically wanting it deferred execution of a command. In other words, you want to turn on DND (probably using *78), then defer execution of *79 until a specific time (I know you’d probably like this to all be under one feature code, but bear with me a moment).

This type of facility would be useful not only with DND, but possibly with other options. For example, you enable Call Forwarding, then want to disable it automatically at some point in the future. Again, a deferred execution of a feature code would do the trick.

The problem is, however, that for the most part FreePBX and Asterisk are set up to do everything in real time. In other words, once you hang up after entering a code, the call ends and the dial plan stops executing. So causing some event to happen at a future time takes some significant additional code.

I’m not saying it cannot be done - for example the creator of the Hotel Style WakeUp Calls module has managed to pull off something like this (and, in fact, this might be a good project for the Nerd Vittles guys - they seem to get into this sort of thing). But the point is, it would be nice to have a way to defer execution of ANY feature code (or at least those that turn features on/off by toggling bits in the database). Right now, however, it’s just not something that’s an integral part of FreePBX.

Thank you so much wiseoldowl for good comments.
I will research Internet & this site for a solution, which does not seem as easy as it sounds.