Temporarily ignore all inbound routes and instead route to one ringgroup?

I’m setting up a new system that has over 50 inbound routes for different numbers. These are all going to port over soon. At the switchover time, I need to do some network changes at each location and then reboot the phones to get them pointed at the new server. Because of this, there will be some downtime. I was thinking of settings up a few phones at one location in a ringgroup and then routing ALL incoming calls to those phones for the period that I’m doing the network changes and rebooting phones across multiple locations – so that no calls are missed.

I can’t think of an easy way to do this. Basically, I want ALL incoming calls routed to a single ringgroup temporarily. I really don’t want to have to edit 50+ inbound routes to add a Call Flow Control toggle (especially since most of those already have one and it would just make things more confusing).

Is there a fairly easy way I could do this temporary re-route of all incoming calls?

Use the allowlist, dont put any numbers in it, and send unallowed callers (everyone) to the ringgroup destination.

On my system, allowlist doesn’t appear in the file produced by Bulk Export DIDs, so one would have to edit each Inbound Route to enable it. Possibly, this was recently fixed.

Alternatively, one could add to extensions_custom.conf something like

exten => _.,1,Goto(from-internal,600,1)

where 600 is the Ring Group number. Then, change Context for the trunk to temprg.

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