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I have a question about Templates in endpoint manager. Our company is roughly 50 users and almost everyone’s current phone (Allworx) system has a different BLF setup.

After playing around with the system am I wrong that each user will need their own template? I can’t seem to find where to change the BLF’s or Lines on a per handset method without going to the actual phone IP address and using the yealink configuration. Is there a way to edit by extension or another way other than giving each user their own template?

We are only going to use T46G’s and T46S’s in our environment


EPM, Global Settings, enable Admin UCP for All. This will add an extra button in Extension Mapping to make custom button assignments per extension. Users can do the same to their own phone from UCP if you give them permission to do so.

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That did the trick, thank you very much for such a quick reply

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