Template Field: BLF Short Press In Use State

This should be working I believe. Not sure where we left off with it. I think it requires a basefile edit to not enable transfer of BLF while on a call. Please note this is a unsupported feature as by default when onna call and pressing a BLF it follows the transfer DSS function and you need to disable that.

Is this the parameter to change in the basefile?

<P3205>1</P3205> # Transfer Settings.Transfer Mode via DSSkey 0 - Attended Transfer, 1 - Blind Transfer, 2 - New Call

Just curious if I’m on the right track with this parameter?

Yes that should be it. Change to New Call

Thanks, I’ll post here how it goes.

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I’m finally able to test this. On firmware 2.04.25

I set <P3205>2</P3205>

For New Call.

I’m still getting “The number you have dialed is not in service.”

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Are there any other suggestions to make this work?

No as stated we never planned for the short and long press and BLF actions to work while on a call. It was all designed for when your phone is idle.

Thanks Tony.

Is there any other method that would allow a one touch voice mail transfer while on a call?

Right now I have a button assigned to the REST-Transfer VM app. Which requires the user to enter the extension number.

It would even be an improvement if they could hit the extension button when using the app above, instead of typing the extension number.

Never had good luck with Restapps VM Transfer so I gave up. Best I could do was narrow it down to a three button key press…Press Transfer Button, Press VM-Xfer Button (Key assigned with Prefix value of *, Press the BLF of the User you want to transfer the Voicemail to.

Thanks, that gives me a direction to head into.

On my Grandstream I create a dtmf button to perform a blind transfer and then an asterisk ( ##* )

I instruct my users to press that button first then to press the extension blf that they have also programmed on their phone when transferring direct to a users voicemail.

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Great! Thanks for the tip.