Tell Freepbx to make a call when it receives and email

Good day all, Is there a modules in Freepbx that when it receives a email it can call a specific extension / eternal number and play an notification. It should also retry until the person opt out not to receive that particular notification. This is not for the purpose of spam. I have 120 agent in my company and i need to notify them after hours when particular transaction are not successful. email use is not permitted.


Sure - there are tons of examples out there.

The bad news: it’s not something you can just plug in and turn on: you’re going to have to write the code.

Ok Thanks. Do u by any chance have a link to any of these examples.

Not the entire chain. Look for “call files” and “Asterisk AMI”. You might also be able to access the system through the REST API, although I’ve never tried that.

I Googled “Send asterisk email an e” and this popped up top.

If you thoroughly read the thread they cover how to get an email to execute a script (for you, make a call file). They also link out to the call file info.

I like this reference the best.

I greatly appreciate your response i will defiantly try this.

Thanks appreciate the effort i will look into this. If i get it working i will post it in the forum.

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