Telephoning with freePBX and Swisscom how?

I would like to make calls with FreePBX via Swisscom (Swiss telephone provider). I already have the so-called SIP credentials. Is the following tutorial video wrong? Where can I get better information for my purpose? Many Thanks.

(=FreePBX 15/Asterisk 16 - Register on the Telekom GermanyLAN SIP trunk)

Post their documentation and your config

Thank you for your message. Unfortunately I don’t quite understand. I assume you mean the Swisscom documentation and the freePBX config. But what documentation and where can I find the config?

The documentation is that documentation that Swisscom provide that should allow a competent user to configure a system to work with them. You config(uration) is what you have attempted so far.

The video is sufficiently long that few are going to look at it, and, in any case, it is difficult to spot errors if you don’t have some clues in terms of the error messages, and other symptoms, that result in practice.

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Since I don’t have any other help at the moment, I’ll try to implement the video anyway. If I have specific problems, I will contact the community again. Thank you very much.

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