Telephone calls disconnecting

Hi guys,

I posted this before and doing it again with some details. I am using the FreePBX 2.2.1 version. I have this problem of telephone calls stuttering and then going blank randomly. It could be a few seconds after the start of the call or 15 minutes later. Below is the log I saw for that particular call. Please let me know a work around this issue and also let me know if you need any more information.

May 26 08:27:29 NOTICE[2878] chan_sip.c: Peer ‘xxx’ is now TOO LAGGED! (2730ms / 2000ms)

The phone type is Aastra 480i.

Is the Aastra phone on the same local area network as the phone server? If it is, I would look for a bad switch port, bad nic or bad nic on the phone. If the phone is remote to the phone server and using the Internet to connect, I would look at the reliability of the route.

Which ever way it is, this sounds like a networking problem to me.

Yes, it is on the same network. When you say network problem, do you mean packet loss? I have checked the ports and the NICs and they all seems to be fine.

a local network with everything connected to same switch should NOT have a latency anywhere near 2000ms, it should be around 2-20ms.

Can be one of many, many things. switch not in sync with phones? One side running full duplex other in half? check port stats, you having errors, dropped packets, large or small frames, crc errors, etc.

The only other thing I can offer would be to flash the phone. I had an Aastra 480 Cti that just never worked right. I flashed the phone with the latest firmware and it is now a production phone.

Do you have reliable DNS to your phone server. If Sip looses DNS, it gets squirrelly. If neither of these resolve anything, watch the server and see if it is loading up. Issue the “top” command at the root prompt and watch the cpu usage.