Technical Sales Section

What target market do we focus on?
What are the benefits of VOIP-Freepbx compared to the traditional phone system features?
What are the savings here?

Excellent question and the lack of responses highlights one of my biggest frustrations. When it comes to the technical stuff I am all over it like hair on a gorilla but when it comes to the mysteries of marketing/sales I’m like a 2 year old.

Yea I know the logic of it and the basics of sales/marketing but to make the slick presentation like the traditional guys is a whole other ball game.

With this open source stuff you have to look twice as slick as the traditional guys to come across as credible. I’d like to see an open source marketing site with presentation material etc. just like there are open source documentation sites. Seems everyone seems to think that is the part to do on your own and keep secret from everyone else but IMHO it should be just the opposite and everyone would be better off.

my 2 cents.

I think the reason for lack of any responses is because the question is so general in conjunction with the answers being so broad. Talk to a successful reseller who has sold dozens of systems and you will often find that there were dozens of features and reasons why the sale was made. And it does not always have to be because it was cheaper. Sometimes it is and sometimes not.

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