TE820 firmware missing

Please add the TE820 firmware to the install -


Edit - added issue to bug tracker - Ticket #6080

I would love to but all our support releases are using Centos 6 and this is for Centos 5

I was under the impression that the firmware files are downloaded and installed during the distro install - where do those files come from? They don’t seem to come from digium, as there is no centos 6 packages branch. Are these custom RPM’s built and supported by the freePBX community? If so, it should be simple enough to add the firmware file for the TE820 into the RPM creation.

Also as a side note, I’ve installed the centos5 rpm on centos6 and it seems to work just fine.

centos6 packages are available now:

Added ticket# 6531 to add support for the new RPM