TDM800p+x400m fxo used for routing the calls from sip to PSTN ? help plz

i really need ur help to know how to start my project , exactly i need to route the calls from sip to GSM , so that i bought
(TDM800p+x400m fxo+server), i am using 5.5 cent os , 1.6 asterisk ,

what is the first step plz ?

Are you using FreePBX 2.8?
If so, you need to install the DAHDI module first

In general
select DAHDI and set your analog channels to be from-pstn
Select the trunks and setup a trunk to “g” + group number you set in dahdi (ie:g0)
Select outbound routes and setup a route to that trunk
Select inbound routes, and setup a inbound number to the outbound route

from 1 month i am trying , it is really tired me , can you plz explain to me more , what about extension , can you plz tell me with full details , i am really new in that i will be glad dear , if you like my msn/email is : [email protected] .

thank you again

Can you tell us what you have for Dahdi?

On left side of page, select Dahdi
Right side of page You should have Analog Hardware with some FXO ports.
What does it show for FXO ports? Just to the right of your ports is an action link named Edit. Click it and let us know what you have.

Lets keep this on the forum so others can also help.

dear sir , thank you for your cooperative , actually one friend make a mistake in my server , i am getting under server status tap ( asterisk error ) , also the dahdi tap is blocked , so can you give me your email , so i can give you the access of my server , i am not sure if i need new system installation now ,


Since I’m not an asterisk (or freepbx) guru, I’m going to have to pass and let someone else help you. I wouldn’t know what to do if I had remote access to your server.

I will say that AsteriskNOW 1.7 was pretty easy for me to setup.

thank you sir

no problem i will try to solve that , when i solve the problem , i will post new comment , actually i got confused from ( trixbox , free PBX , and asterisk now ) and others advice me to use pure Centos with asterisk , you gave me great help , at least i know how to start now , is asterisk now good for my project .

thank you