TDM400 Ring Group to external numbers simultaniously problem

Hello everybody…
I need setup new Trixbox with OpenVox A1200P with 12 FXO & 10 FCT (2 lines for incoming & 10 for forward call with FCT in 10 cell phones).
Before i buy all this stuff i need to look if this work in my home.

~My home BOX~ Trixbox ver with OpenVox A400P with 2 FXO.

The problem is:
I create 2 Zap extensions

  1. number 400 with dial ZAP/1/69xxxxxxx1
  2. number 401 with dial ZAP/2/69xxxxxxx2
    & create 1 Ring Group “333” with this 2 extension ‘400’ & ‘401’.

Now, if i call this Ring Group from my sip softphone ‘101’ & have open terminal in CLI>
i see this:
– Called 1/69xxxxxxx1
– Called 2/69xxxxxxx2
– Zap/1-1 answered SIP/101-096e74e8 (2 sec before first cell phone ring)
– Hungup ‘Zap/2-1’ (1 sec after and before ring yet the first cell, and after that only first cell ringing)

Same things happens if i put direct 2 cell phones in one ring group with # in the end of any cell and call this ring group.

But If call from 2 differend sip softphones this cells simultaneously ring both correctly !!!
I thing, if call begin from one ring group or queue, the trixbox recognize first cell ring as answered call, and terminate second channel.

Seriously i need help with this. I can’t find enything in net…

No one???

Maybe somebody with same card in his box try to do the same thing, so we can see if it works???

1 Ring Group or queue or whatever, to call 2 cell phones!!!