TDM110P x TDM400P

Hello Everybody!

I have 2 interfaces working properly in 2 Asterisks machines, but I need to install them in the same Asterisk machine.

01 TDM110P (E1)
02 TDM400P (TDM04P) (8 x FXO)

When I complile Zaptel and Libpri… no problem… Zapata is fine (fxos (fxs_ks) and pri )… my zttool shows me all channels OK, no problem… but when I try to load Asterisk, it crashes with the famous error: failed to load module

What can I do?

Is there any command in modules.conf to load both signalling?


I found it quite tricky to get a TE110P and a TDM400P working together, but it can be done.

You need to establish what is being loaded first - the TE110P or the TDM400P and then modify zaptel.conf and zapata-channels accordingly. The tool which will show you this is lszaptel and comes with zaptel (it may not get compiled or installed by default).