Tcpenable vs. enabletcp

All the updates installed, using chan_sip, have Enable TCP set to Yes in “SIP Settings” - “Chan SIP Settings”.
Checking the configuration files:
# grep tcp /etc/asterisk/*

My understanding that “tcpenable” should be set to “yes” and “enabletcp” should not be there at all.

I have the same issue. I was about to open up my own ticket but this might be related to my current issue. Currently using FreePBX Distro 64-bit. My SIP trunk provider I just recently found out supports SIP over TCP in addition to UDP.

A recent FreePBX update added a TCP enable button to the SIP settings. However, even after adding transport=tcp to the trunk settings does not seem to force TCP mode. The trunk still signals over UDP port 5060.

Additionally, I have all of my extensions set to use port 5061 for SIP over TLS which work just fine. In FreePBX firewall under ports/service maps port 5060 is listed as UDP only and port 5061 is listed as TCP only. Is it possible to have asterisk listen to more than one type of protocol over port 5060? or force both 5060 and 5061 to be TCP only.

Sorry AndrewZ, I don’t mean to hi-jack your post. I do think you and others might find whatever solution to this useful if support is able to chime in.

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