TCP timeout writing data

usign the CLI command ‘core set debug 1’, I receive the following error: “iostream.c:484 ast_iostream_write: TCP timeout writing data”.

I noticed this error when I placed an internal call from a SIP Exten to another SIP Exten.

When the error occurs, I’m not able to use the FreePBX Web GUI Administration page. It seems not not accessible for min. 30 max 100 sec.

Also, I noticed that if try to use any AMI command from Asterisk CLI web page (under Admin Menu)…for example: “queue show”…I need to wait about 30-70 sec. before receive a result…and it correspond/match when the iostream error finished.

This error occurs randomly but with an high frequency.

The Voice audio works correctly during the error.

Could you please help me to understand and fix this issue?

Kind Regards,

could you please help me?


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