TCP registration error

Since this is my first experience with Asterisk 1.8 I don’t know if it’s an Asterisk or Distro error except that I know that you recompiled Asterisk to support the new fax module and the TCP registration behaviour got worse with the newest version of the distro.

I currently register my iPhone on TCP with Asterisk. When I set the extension transport to “TCP only” the phone registers but Asterisk does not increment the registration count. Sip show peers does not show the extension as registered and calls from the phone fail with error 503 (wrong transport).

If I change the transport to UDP the phone registers fine.

We would need to see a complete printout of sip show peer xxx but I am pretty confident it is a Asterisk Issue as we do not touch anything with SIP transport in the distro that would break anything. Have you looked at the asterisk tracker to see if others are having a problem?

In the end we needed to configure the Bria client differently than in Ast 1.6. Apparently Asterisk 1.8 needs the internal IP when the extension registers from a LAN and the global IP when the extension registers via 3G. This may be a bug in Asterisk or Bria. Don’t know. I guess we’ll see with future versions of both products.