TCP for outbound SIP trunks

I am trying to interface to a Avaya PBX and TCP is required for inbound/outbound transport protocols. I have the inbound calls working with TCP but according to wireshark all outbound communications from asterisk/freepbx is UDP.

Asterisk 1.8.15 certified
not sure about freepbx, it was recently downloaded

Depending on your version of FreePBX, which you don’t know, (but should if you post here :slight_smile: ), current versions will allow you to set the “transport” in your sip extensions to use tcp,udp,tls or various combinations, Did you you RTFM yet?

I can change transport options in the extensions but that has not effect. A extension set to TCP only will still make a UDP packet out of Asterisk.

the FM will let you know that you need to also:-

tcpbindaddr=(your network space that it will bind to)

in your /etc/asterisk/sip* heirarchy,

Perhaps the easiest way in newer versions of FreePBX is to do it in “Other SIP Settings”