Tarball installation

I’m trying to install freepbx using the tarball installer on a raspberry pi. It seems to me that the tarball installer mentioned on the wiki (for the one with 7.4 and 16.0 in the link. Sorry, I can’t paste a link)

I’m having issues getting extensions to call. They get No response. (And logging mentions DB function not being registered)

There are lots of modules usually missing. I would recommend to use a full image for raspi from here.
Take a min 32 GB SD-Card from the beginning, once you intend to upgrade something. For longterm-use m2.sata or external USB-drive would be better than SD.Card

My goal is to run this as a docker image, so i can add some other light-weight stuff to the pi.
I guess I’ll have a look what modules I’m missing then…

as long as you intend to run freepbx in a virtual maschine, you may use the full distribution including centOS 7 or 8. In fact I also added in such an environment full postfix config and GeoIP.blocking with IPtables xt_tables.

docker containers are way more lightweight than full VM’s, which is why i try to prefer them.

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