Tampered file bug?

Hello All,

I have seen warnings in the gui and in email showing tampered files, when I look at the content of each they look fine. I uninstalled and reinstalled and was able to get rid of 2 of the messages, however the 3rd still isn’t happy.

---- Original Message ----

You have 3 tampered files

Module: “Extension Settings”, File:


Module: “PHPAGI Config”,

Module: “Call Recording Report”, File:



---- end original ----

Afer removal and re installation this one still shows up:
Module: “PHPAGI Config”, File: “/var/www/html/admin/modules/phpagiconf/module.xml altered”

I don’t have a 12 box at the second but I believe amportal a refreshsignatures

Thanks jfinstrom,

It looks like it is:
amportal admin:a refreshsignatures

Alothough the result is the same:
Fetching FreePBX settings with gen_amp_conf.php…

It just showed a syntax error and gave the proper usage, but as I mentioned it looked like the same result.

I did an amportal restart, but is there a way to force it to check the security again?
The file content does appear to be the same.

Thanks again!

Not sure why we had this before and aparently happened again, may just be a permission error?

That is not correct. “amportal a ma refreshsignatures” is

Thanks @tm1000, that did go through several steps.
Is there a way to trigger the security check to see if it finds the problem again?