Taking the PBX out of IVR mode and ring extention with incomming calls?

I know some OEM pbx systems allow the secretary to take the phone out of IVR mode and into call secretary mode with all incoming calls. Does FREEPBX offer this? I did not see a way of doing it.

Thanks much :slight_smile:

How many ways would you like to do it?

I can think of about three without even leaving the menus. After that, I can think of about a dozen ways to do it using a little more creativity.

The simplest way is to set up the “receptionist” line and add a Do Not Disturb with your IVR as the destination. That way, with a simple push-button, he can go back and forth.

The next easiest would be to set up an IVR in case the phone rang for more than 20 seconds. Note that, when combined with my first suggestion, you get a solid “into IVR mode”.

The third way would be to set up a time condition and follow that with a feature code to turn the time condition on and off. Then the time condition is true (or false, you pick) the receptionist gets the call, otherwise the IVR gets it.

There are more - lots more. The system is incredibly flexible and limited largely by your imagination and experience. Good luck.