Take another extension from my phone?

I’m new to FreePBX/Asterisk. I use FreePBX and my server is up and running.

Now I need a feature and I have no clue how to proceed. The docs and google did not help…

I want to be able to take over another extension from my phone.
Yes: I can actually forward on the other extension to my phone but that is not enough.
Is there a way to make another extension forward its calls to my phone from my phone?



Without a custom dialplan I don’t think so.

However, you can use call groups and pickup groups or dial **EXT to answer calls from other extensions while it’s ringing.

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Not exactly the answer you are waiting for, but the best work-around I found and current use is the ring groups option. After a while without an answer, the ring group to which the extension belongs rings too, and then you can take the call.

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I guess I go the ring groups way.
Is it possible to enable and disable a ring group membership from a phone?
E.g. the telephone exchange person is unavailable I’d like to enter the ring group so that I can takeover. In case the telephone exchange person is back again I’d like to disable it again.

Yes, you can indeed. Just remove the extension from the ring group list in Freepbx

But… that would defeat the Ring Group purpose. If the person is available then he/she would pick up the phone, right ? So the Ring Group would not ring … :slight_smile:

OP is asking if he can control it from a phone. That was OP’s original question. Not sure how a ring group would help here.

@PitzKey itzKey: You are right. Apologies

@HELSup: No, not from a phone…

I did some further testing and it seems so that I got a catch-22 :frowning:

The goal is to decide where the incoming call should ring depending if the telephone exchange person is available or not.

When I use a ring group it would work if the group members are changed in FreePBX (possible but a configuration on phone would be preferred).
The catch is here that it is no longer possible to make a forward to an announcement (lunch break, weekend, etc.) because the announcement works for one phone, only.

When I use an extension I can only pick up incomming calls and there is no real ringing (BFL makes a beep and is blinking).
But forwarding to an announcement works as wanted.

Currently I look for a way how my requirements could be solved. It is really hard for a FreePBX/Asterisk Newbie :wink:

With Queues you can easily log in out users from your phone using the *45 feature code (look it up in the wiki) or if you have PhoneApps you can manage the queue from your phone.

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