Tagging traffic leaving FreePBX with QoS value - DSCP ef 46

I cannot find a clear concise example on how to make sure traffic leaving FreePBX is marked with a DSCP QoS tag. I would like to get this done with FreePBX before it gets to any router or switch. Has anyone done this successfully? If so can you please point me in the right direction and possibly provide a configuration example? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Wireshark will show you that the voice packets (RTP) are already tagged by default - you actually have to work to change/remove the tag.

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What are they tagged with by default?

Well, the QOS is handled up-line through your routers the packets are tagged with TOS as follows:-

grep -i tos sip*

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Awesome! Thank you for the great information. This would be default for all FreePBX builds 12.x and up?

It’s more of an asterisk thing. You would have to check.

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In the Chan SIP section of SIP SETTINGS, you can add custom entries (at the bottom - in OTHER SIP SETTINGS):
cos_sip = 4
cos_audio = 6
cos_video = 5
tos_sip = cs3
tos_audio = ef
tos_video = af41

This is what we use…

As I said the COS depends on your router honoring it, and would of course include any VLAN routing you add.