Tab issues

I’ve noticed several locations where “Tab” to move to the next box is flawed.

eg “ADD SIP EXTENSION” when you enter the “USER EXTENSION” details in the box and hit TAB it moves to an incorrect field.

I guess for point and peck typers or people uploading via CSV etc it’s not a problem but can the FreePBX community try and get something as basic as this right for people who touch type.

Wow so we can not get anything right huh. Little harsh I think.

I just tested it on my 2.10 box and it worked flawless. Maybe it would help if you told us the version of FreePBX and what browser you are using.

just download the current version of FreePBX distro yesterday.

not sure what difference TAB has to do with browser however IE8 with the chrome extension

putting my money where my mouth is…just tested using firefox worked fine - its also not a chrome extension problem, tested it with the extension both enabled and disabled and both have problems.

you probably find this comment weary but maybe one of the developers might liek to test releases in a browser apart from chrome.

sorry if i’m a buzzkill on a sunday morning but…has to be said.

BTW i’m super curious if anyone can tell me why TAB operates differently across different browsers.

(also just for posterity i dodnt actually remove the chrome extension -just disabled, not sure if this would make a difference).

Let me get this straight, you disable a feature (chrome extensions) that was placed for a reason the complain about the UI.

Your first post is insulting and denigrating to the developers and team in general.

Then after all this you have the audacity to suggest someone be “assigned” to perform cross platform testing.

This is a volunteer project, the only paid developers are people who’s employer feels it is worthy to allow them to work on FreePBX on company time.

If you are trying to alienate the team you are doing a great job.

No SkyKing i tested with both the chrome module ON and OFF

Might be first post here…but as you know i’ve been involved with asterisk for a while, just trying out FreePBX distro for the first time this weekend.

I don’t recall, the difference here is the developers are engaged and cared.

You dismissed both in your first post. Maybe they just took it wrong.

It wasn’t me this time <> I think you need to buy Tony a new monitor to replace the one he tossed across the room when he read your first post.

thats why i’m here. time to upgrade rather than continue with legacy (mainly for endpoint management issues).

If there is a different forum i should be posting these issues in let me know. I didnt really see anythign marked bug reports specific.

While the developers occasionally peruse the forums issues reported are not tracked.

Use the tracker for that. On the right had nav bar of the site “report bug/feature” Additionally unlike trixbox the repo is fully browsable along with current timelines goals etc.

And maybe you missed that I am one of the developers and no I do not get paid to do this. As Scott said if you want to report a bug follow the link but you still have not provided which version of FreePBX you are using.

As far as your issue we do not test nor support IE. We only test and support Firefox and Chrome. FreePBX has never supported IE for as long as I have been involved since most of us work on Macs or Linux machines so no IE. Not to mention no sense in supporting a clearly behind the technology browser and one that is loosing users daily.

tony…i know you dont get paid however browser bias is so blase.

Well I am not going to beat a dead horse. Feel free to open a bug report and clearly explain what the issue is and what version of FreePBX it is on as I have asked twice now for a version number and have not gotten it from you.

Sorry, as i said download the freepbx distro this weekend.

I’m assuming this is the number you are after - PBX Service Pack:

I just tested both Chrome and Firefox, they both work fine.

Moshe and as i already said this is with IE using the chrome add-on

Its ok that you choose not to support the number 1 browser in the world with IE but expect IE users to moan :slight_smile:

We except all IE users to moan - all three of them - because thats what IE users do. For the all the rest, Firefox, Chrome, or Chrome Frame are viable options. Unfortunately, we cannot provide more support to IE.