T54W BLF keys

It looks like a couple of threads previously on here regarding the EXP 50 and the T54W phone and BLFs not working with various firmware versions, however, it seems like with PJSIP and the T54W, I still have issues with BLF freezing up and the monitored extensions go grey on the screen and the BLF lamp goes completely off. It doesn’t work until a hard power cycle of the phone in most cases. Currently running:

PBX Version:
PBX Distro:
Asterisk Version:

T54W firmware version:

This version of firmware (included with FPBX endpoint manager firmware utility), allows the EXP50 BLF keys to work again, but it seems on units without the EXP50, the keys “fizzle out” or stop working randomly. I also have the T54W with this firmware version doing the same thing on an older PBX using legacy SIP…
PBX Version:
PBX Distro:
Asterisk Version:

Not sure if things are more stable on older firmware for sure and if I should roll the phone back or what others might be doing…I’m reluctant to roll back with heavy use of TLS/SRTP and Opus on all these phones.

The latest firmware on yealink’s public website at the time of this post appears to be which looks older than what the freepbx folks have been able to get…

I would always recommend that you update to the current firmware and verify things.

That is one of the points of firmware updates. To fix issues.

I have a T54W on my desk with zero issues on the current firmware (

I do not have an EXP50 for it though. So I cannot answer that side of issues.

If EPM is using firmware newer than that, then it is likely a hotfix release or something.

Edit: yes, likely a hotfix release, as ver 0.34 was available back in September.

The issue is that with the EXP50, basically the .5 firmware doesn’t work AT ALL. With the newer firmware the EXP50 is mostly working, but for T54W without an EXP50, on-phone BLF die randomly. Like whack-a-mole with these firmware updates! I think I am going to have to roll back the firmware on the non-EXP50 devices to 96.84.x.x to keep BLF keys from dying unless anyone else has some insight as to what else I might be able to do? Could it be pjsip and asterisk version? are you on asterisk 16.15.x?

I use Asterisk current per the Sangoma repos. Which is 18.1.1 right now.

I do not have EPM handy. So post a link to said firmware version.

I can test with a T54W without the EXP50.

Regarding the EXP-50 problem, I found out that it works if you set the BLFs to account 2 in EPM (using EXP-40 template because EXP-50 is not available yet).

I’m also having random BLF issues on T54W phone (without EXP-50) with firmware Some BLFs go offline randomly even though the related extensions are up and running. Sill investigating it.

I have not experienced any issues with BLF on my T54W (no EXP50) with this firmware.

Seems any time there is a missed notify packet for a BLF on the T54W (PBX is on the cloud and endpoints are on an office LAN), BLF’s go dead and the phone will not re-establish them until the phone is rebooted.

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