T46G & T48G US mountain time broken, need to set CAN MT timezone

How can I get the Commercial Endpoint manager to set the time zone for my T46G to Mountain Time (-7) Canadian?

There is a bug in the current firmware that US Mountain Time reverts to US Pacific time. Canadian MT time seems to work properly, but I cannot figure out how to set that from the endpoint manager.


OK, since you cannot select TimeZones in the same manner via the Endpoint Manager as you can via the phones GUI, I decided to dive in…

Basefile Edit time!!!

Selected the proper basefile template
found the parameter: local_time.time_zone_name
changed value to: Canada(Edmonton,Calgary)
(careful here, this works, the values listed in the Yealink Admin guide have an extra space between the , and Calgary)
submit changes
regenerate template
got to extension mapping
rebuild configs for extension(s)
reboot Phone(s)

SUCCESS!!! Phone lists correct time for Mountain timezone instead of Pacific timezone

Oh, I tried the .38 beta firmware I found on the Yealink forums and the original problem still existed.

Double Oh, the T48 with .6 firmware exhibits the same issue