T46G Provisions, but the EXP40-1 expansion module is not

Hi All, first time post and relatively new to FreePBX. I have installed an EXP40-1 expansion module on a Yealink T46G phone and can manually configure this through the web interface. I would like to get this to apply the template that is set up on the FreePBX web admin portal. So far I have set “Set Module Admin to Edge mode” to “Yes” and ensured the device is selected in extension mapping.

Thanks in advance, Jim.

If you’re using the commercial Endpoint Manager, wiki page for adding Exp modules is here:

Thanks for your response Igaetz, I will go through the article to ensure I have it set up correctly then report back.

Hi Igaetz,

I have checked and it is set up as explained in the article. I have a question in relation to the base file it uses when creating the template. The entries against extension module 1 label is e12label which doesnt make alot of sense to me. Could you elude to what this is referencing to?

Thanks in advance…

No. Perhaps someone else can assist, I have limited knowledge of how Yealink organizes their provisioning files.

Thanks for helping earlier…

So looks like this might not be about freepbx’s configuration but more in line with its ability to overwrite a yealink T46G phone. Added a bunch of additional test entries to the template with success but when I went to remove them from the template this wasn’t replicated on the phone. So looks like it can write to the phone if the section is empty but not re-write or modify which is pretty useless…

Once a configuration is pushed to a phone, that is now the “local” configuration.

Pushing a new config with less buttons will not erase them as Yealink phones do not “delete” local information.

But with EPM, it should force the button to type 0

Key 16 is set to Park 5 on this phone.

This is in the created configuration file.

I set it to blank and saved the config.

Here is what is in the file.

Setting it to NA should produce the same results.


I do not have access to a location with EPM and a Yealink expansion module to verify the expansion behaviour. And I don’t want to clutter up EPM on a site just to check.

Hi Sorvani,

Thanks for the conformation on behavior of the Yealink phones. I will test your suggestion and come back with the results.


I did a remote setup of a new FreePBX system with Yealink T46S phones and experienced this exact behavior on linekey2.

Phone shipped with some version of the firmware newer than EPM provides.

DHCP option 66 told the phones to look to the PBX and EPM took it from there. Phones downgraded and pulled config perfectly.

I only had Linekey 1 set as a line and linekey 2 set as BLF. The BLF was not working. I had the on site IT hold OK to default the phone. When it came back up everything was fine.

To me, this means EPM needs to look at new firmware. Or put up a warning abaout downgrading firmware.

It is not EPM’s fault, but EPM is the interface to the users.

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