T1 config trunk problem(?)


I have a Digium TE121B card installed in an AsteriskNOW PBX running FreePBX on Asterisk The card is working fine as I can dial in/out using one of the 20 numbers my telco has placed on it.

Where I am having problems is that I cannot set up a call forward to an outside line. The scenario is that calls come in during the day, at 5 pm the pbx gives you an option to leave a (local) voicemail or press 2 to reach the after hours answering service (an outside live operator). On my other boxes I created the Misc Destination and then added it as option 2 in the evening’s IVR and everything was good. On this box I get an “All circuits are busy” message. I can dial the Misc Destination number from the PBX directly so that is not the issue.

  • This is my only site with a T1 so I’m thinking maybe I don’t have my trunk setup to know there are extra lines available?
  • I have the only trunk setup as a ‘ZAP Channel g1’ with max channels set to 20
  • I have the outbound trunk pointing to Zap/1
  • If the main line 555.1212 is in use and then try to dial out on the next line (thinking it should be 555.1213) I also get an “All circuits are busy” message

Argh, always double check your settings. In my case the trunk name was define as ‘g1’ yet I inserted a ‘1’ Changing to the correct trunk value resolved the issue (go figure).