T1 Card configuration

I have a dual port T1 card installed, a PRI from the telco on port 1 and a channel bank (for fax machines) on port 2.

Besides setting each channel on the channel bank as an extension and configuring the card in zapata.conf (and its includes), are there any other conf files that need to be set to get dial tone on the channel bank? Any additional settings in FreePBX to make it work?

T1 ports do not supply dial tone by design. Asterisk can be patched to modify this behavior. It cost me couple hundred from digium. Write me if you want some direction


Not sure what Digium charged Bart to do, however let’s take this one step at a time.

Please post your zapata.conf files and the includes (please use the [code]code[/code] tags to make it more readable).

I assume you have the ports set to fxo_ls signaling. You should also make sure you do not have immediate=yes set on the channels.

Well, I might have jumped the gun a bit - I assumed he’s attempting to connect to a T1 device that requires dial tone such as another PBX. In our case it was an external IVR using Dialogic cards using E&M Wink. In this case you’ll need a patch.
However, using PRI with a FXS configuration should provide dial tone if it’s supported by the device.


He is using a channel bank with FXO inband signaling.